Open fire cooking adventure

Open fire cooking adventure

An experience like cooking with one of the world's most famous chefs on Fruška Gora, promises to be an extraordinary culinary adventure for 24 hours.

First of all, with its innovative concept called Dynamic Gastronomic Experience.

This concept involves small groups of guests so that our chefs can, through direct interaction, pay attention to each guest and share some of their culinary secrets with them. In the facility, you will eat dishes from the fire that our experienced chefs will prepare in front of you and for you. The foods we use are of top quality, domestically and locally grown, and cooking on fire guarantees additional quality. The menu consists of innovative, original dishes. Because the experience is dynamic, everything takes place in a fun, informal atmosphere, while socializing with our bosses. Our logo is a fire that symbolically represents constant movement and change, and that's exactly what we are: always different, always innovative.

In order for the gastronomic enjoyment to be complete, you will have at your disposal, in addition to the restaurant part, accommodation, a large yard with an open-air restaurant, a sauna and a swimming pool. For colder days, there is a cozy and warm interior, where there is a restaurant, a foyer for socializing and rooms.

In this wonderful place, it is possible to organize one of our Retreat programs or a Team Building activity along with this spectacle.